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Breakfast dialogue: Towards a low-carbon society

Date: February 18, 2016

Future Earth Norway invites to a breakfast and a dialogue on the big question: What does it take to transform to a low-carbon society?

Note: This event can be attended on site (at Kulturhuset Oslo) or online via streaming.

Climate change is calling for transformations at a scale, scope, rate and penetration unprecedented in human history. Research points to a variety of different solutions to necessary transformations due to climate change, ranging from technological innovations, government regulations, and support of market mechanisms, to national and international agreements, alternative economic models, and changes in lifestyle and behaviors. Alone, none of these are sufficient for steering societies on a sustainable pathway. How can these various solutions be connected so they work together, not only to reduce greenhouse gas emissions but to create real social change? This dialogue will focus on what it takes to catalyze transformations to sustainability.

The panel includes, among others:

  • Hans Bruyninckx – Executive Director in the European Environmental Agency
  • Frank Geels – Professor of System Innovation and Sustainability at the University of Manchester
  • Jan Kristensen – Director within Sustainability in the Telenor Group
  • Karen O´Brien – Professor of Human Geography at the University of Oslo and Future Earth Norway

Find more information here or on Facebook.  

Click here to open the streaming link, starting from 8am CET on 19 February.