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Deltas in Times of Climate Change 2

Date: May 19, 2014

Floods in Bangkok and the Thames delta, salt intrusion in Egypt and Bangladesh: these are just some examples of rising risks to deltas and delta cities driven by climate change. Action is required now, and exchanging scientific knowledge, lessons learned and best practices is vital. This conference aims to make that happen.

The conference is structured around the following themes:

  • Deltas in Depth, science sessions
    Scientific findings and the relevance of the research for practical applications will be discussed.
  • Deltas in Practice, policy-practice sessions
    Sessions to showcase and discuss experiences, best practices, case studies, tools and methods.
  • Delta Sessions,  organised around a specific delta or delta city
  • Round Tables, discussions will be held for government officials, the business community, policy makers and NGOs.
  • Side Events, such as an international business challenge, a student competition, a climate change adaptation movie night, a photo contest and an art contest.

Deltas in Times of Climate Change II is hosted by the Dutch Research Programme Knowledge for Climate, the City of Rotterdam, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Registration is now open.