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EWACC 2015 – Building Bridges Conference

Date: April 10, 2015

EWACC (Energy, Water and Climate Change in the Mediterranean) is a new conference series that brings together distinguished scientists with a broad range of expertise, representatives of the private sector, stakeholders, policy makers and high-level officials to advance sustainable development in the MENA region through a constructive Euro-Mediterranean dialogue. This will involve a new, coherent approach to foster a long-lasting partnership between Europe and MENA. It consists of a series of dedicated events addressing the following strategic goals:

  • Promoting the next generation of scientists through a dedicated summer school
  • Broadening and deepening the Euro-Mediterranean dialogue on grand challenges
  • Fostering inter-regional scientific cooperation through team-building/twinning and launching of specific research projects through consortium building workshops.
Scientific Focus of the Initiative

EWACC – Building Bridges will address three major foci:

  • Climate Change: quantification, understanding and the specification of mitigation and adaptation strategies
  • Food security, water scarcity and sustainable development.
  • Renewable (solar) energy, natural gas and the opportunity for hybrid energy systems.

The conference programme will include a session on Future Earth.