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Future Earth at the World Science Forum

Date: March 06, 2014

Global environmental changes have regional and local impacts, simultaneously undermining natural resources and ecosystem services, and endangering human well-being and security. The cross-scale interactions between human activities, large scale changes in the Earth system, and local impacts have important implications for human development and create many of the sustainability challenges facing society. Achieving global sustainability requires bridging the gap in awareness between local actions and global effects.

The event will discuss the challenges and opportunities of working across natural, social and engineering sciences and engaging stakeholder groups in defining research priorities and delivering research that can inform action. The speakers will discuss the potential of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary work to strengthen the outcomes for sustainability through tangible examples of successes and failures.

This interactive session will have a round table format with 3 to 4 speakers who will prepare short thought provoking statements to prompt discussion among the panel, and with the audience.

The discussions will inform the outcome of the conference as well as the further development of Future Earth. Panelists will include Cheryl de la Rey, Carlos Nobre and Thomas Rosswall.