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Future Earth session at AMOS/ARCCSS National Conference 2016

Date: October 23, 2015

The conference is planned around the central theme of scales – from turbulent eddies to palaeoclimates, and cloud microphysics to planetary-scale ocean circulations. There will be a focus on the processes in our atmosphere, oceans and on the land surface, and their interactions across different time and space scales.

There will be a special Future Earth session at this conference:  

Future Earth: science for solutions to global problems

Conveners: Julie Arblaster (SPARC), Diana Greenslade (former Science Officer at Future Earth), Pep Canadell (Global Carbon Project).

The understanding of the earth system is becoming increasingly multi-disciplinary, and the challenges of the 21st Century require input from many research areas to solve. This will require new and strengthened links to be built between the meteorological and oceanographic sciences and the social, economic and other environmental sciences. This session invites abstracts focused on interactions across the Earth System and their impacts on human and ecosystems. Areas of focus include but are not limited to: the carbon cycle, biological-chemical-physical interactions, mitigation and adaptation, socio-economic, irreversibility andsustainability.

Speakers will include Mark Stafford Smith (Chair, Future Earth Science Committee), Will Steffen (Climate Council) and Helen Cleugh (Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub Leader, National Environmental Science Programme)

Abstract submissions close October 31, 2015.