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Future Earth Townhall Meeting at AGU

Date: December 15, 2015

Questions to be discussed include: How does Future Earth aim to foster a new level of transdisciplinary integration in sustainability science? How can stakeholders of the research be involved in co-designing activities and co-producing their output for a better use of the findings? How do we nurture and integrate the capacity of early career scientists and colleagues from the developing world? And finally: How can you participate?

The Townhall Meeting takes place at Moscone West, Room 2009.


12:30 – Welcome & Intro

  • Thorsten Kiefer (Future Earth Global Hub in Paris)

12:35 Key concepts

  • Mark Stafford-Smith (Chair of Future Earth Science Committee)
  • Ideas behind Future Earth – what is new (and what is old)?

12:40 Role of social sciences

  • Eduardo Brondizio (Future Earth Science Committee)
  • The benefits of interdisciplinarity, especially integration with social sciences

12:45 Research-approach in Future Earth

  • Cheikh Mbow (Future Earth Science Committee)
  • Example of a project in development: Knowledge-Action Network on the nexus between the provision of food, water and energy

12:50 Basic research in Future Earth

  • Megan Melamed (International Global Atmospheric Chemistry project)
  • Core projects in Future Earth, their role and opportunities

12:55 Future Earth in the US

  • Josh Tewksbury (Future Earth Global Hub in Colorado)
  • Colorado Hub and ideas for a new Magazine

13:00 Funding

  • Maria Uhle (US National Science Foundation)
  • Funders' perspectives on Future Earth; new avenues of funding and project design; emerging funding opportunities (incl. Belmont Forum)

13:05 Questions and discussion

  • Audience and all speakers

13:25 Wrap-up

  • Thorsten Kiefer

13:30 Adjourn