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Mountain Observatories: A Global Fair and Workshop on Social-Ecological Systems

Date: March 31, 2014

This event will give researchers the opportunity to share their work, discuss data management, user access and visualization, and to create new collaborations.

The underlying logic of the Fair and Workshop is that a more comprehensive mountain observing system will arise through the interplay of both bottom-up activities, in which those managing current observing systems expand those systems through collaboration with others, and top-down activities, by which researchers lay out the requirements of comprehensive mountain observing systems.

The Fair will feature:

a) Expositions in which participants explain their observing network or products in a poster session format, and
b) Side Meetings for more in-depth discussions.

The Workshop will feature:

a) Sessions where speakers present state-of-the-art thinking regarding mountain observations, and
b) Ateliers where participants work together to develop common solutions.

One day will be devoted to site visits around the Reno/Tahoe area, with longer field trips available after the conference to visit sites and facilities in the Sierra Nevada, Great Basin and Cascade ranges.