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Second German Future Earth Summit

Date: July 13, 2015

The year 2015 is central in the context of global sustainability: a global post-Kyoto regime is to be decided to the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that will address developing and developed countries in the future are to be adopted at the end of 2015, and the international research program on global sustainability, Future Earth, starts its activities through the newly established globally distributed secretariats in Paris, Montreal, Boulder, Tokyo and Stockholm as well as in several regional centres.

Based on these promising developments, which will further stimulate sustainability research, the German Committee Future Earth will organise its second German Future Earth Summit.

At the summit, the German Committee members would like to discuss these current developments with a particular focus on research supporting cross-cutting Future Earth themes such as Observing, monitoring and data systems, Earth system modeling and social macrodynamics, Metrics and evaluation for human-well being and sustainable development, Theory and method development and Science-society interface. In interactive parallel sessions of the conference  participants will find out the interests of the German community and debate further developments of cross-cutting themes as well as concretize conflict areas and knowledge gaps.

There are various opportunities to actively participate in the discussions at the summit. The German Committee Future Earth very much welcome poster contributions presenting research activities. Other possibilities are to propose the organization of a discussion table at the World Café Future Earth Markt der Ideen or of a side event (e.g. workshop) following the conference.

13 September 2015: Deadline for submission of proposals (poster, World Café, side event).

20 November 2015: Registration deadline for all authors/organisers (World Café, poster, side event).

24 December 2015: Final registration date for conference participants!

Conference fee: 100 EUR

Armin Grunwald, member of the Future Earth Science Committee, is also a member of the German Committee Future Earth. Paul Shrivastava, Executive Director of Future Earth, is invited to hold a talk.