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Future Earth

Webinar: Transnational, Transdisciplinary Approaches to Environmental Peacebuilding

Date: March 28, 2024 - March 28, 2024

What: A GMU Carter School Spring 2024 Peaceweek Webinar: Transnational, Transdisciplinary Approaches to Environmental Peacebuilding
Where: Online. Register here.
When: 28 March at 9:00am Eastern Time

Ben Adjei (GMU), Graduate Research Fellow, Institute for a Sustainable Earth
Judit Ungvari (GMU/Future Earth), Global Research and Coordination Co-Lead
Erica Key (Future Earth), US Global Hub Director
Makyba Charles-Ayinde (Future Earth), Strategic Partnerships for the Global South Director
Karina Korostelina, Professor, Carter School


More details: In an effort to build more equitable, resilient communities, more researchers and practitioners are working to thread together elements from natural resource management, climate change adaptation, public health management, and other humanitarian disaster relief with conflict prevention, community-based research, mediation, and science diplomacy. This work goes by many different names, but one emerging moniker is Environmental Peacebuilding. Due to its inherently transdisciplinary nature, uniting social scientists and humanities experts with natural scientists and stakeholders from different sectors, Environmental Peacebuilding was identified as a theme for potential development as a collaborative research by the network of international funders in the Belmont Forum.

Future Earth has canvassed researchers and funders around the world to understand what the research and stakeholder priorities are in Environmental Peacebuilding as well as the challenges to collaboration, funding, and implementation of potential awards in this growing field. The outcome of this year-long scoping process is a roadmap in support of development of international funding calls including themes focused on advancing Environmental Peacebuilding approaches through transdisciplinary projects with multi-national teams.  During this 90-minute event, the team leading the scoping will share an overview of the scoping results, solicit new input, and share past examples of Environmental Peacebuilding funding and outcomes from the Belmont Forum portfolio.


Future Earth Staff Member