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Webinar: Advancing Planetary Epidemiology Through Earth Observations

Date: July 25, 2023

Members of the Future Earth Health Knowledge-Action Network and European Space Agency representatives will offer their perspectives on the opportunities to advance Earth Observation data products.

When: 25 July 12noon-2pm BST / 1-3pm CEST / 7-9am EST / 8-10pm JST

Where: via Zoom

More details:
In the Anthropocene epoch, the transgression of multiple planetary boundaries is triggering global environmental changes that pose risks to human health. When multiple environmental changes occur simultaneously in the same location, they interact, in some instances amplifying, and in others moderating each other’s impacts on human health. The study of such planetary health impacts requires approaches that stretch beyond the boundaries of the traditional methods of environmental epidemiology. This calls for a new approach, which we refer to as planetary epidemiology.

The recent advancements in the availability of high-resolution (e.g., 10-300 m) Earth Observation data opens vast opportunities for studying health implications of large-scale environmental changes and their interactions at a fine spatial and temporal scales.

This webinar is funded by the Future Earth and European Space Agency (ESA) joint program to explore the directions for advancing planetary epidemiology, and particularly the opportunities offered by the latest processed Earth Observation data products.

Welcome & introduction by:

Giles Sioen
Future Earth

Sophie Hebden
Future Earth & ESA

Kristine Belesova
Imperial College London