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Workshop on Nexus-based catchment environmental management for Asia

Date: October 18, 2016

This workshop is organized to invite scientists who work on the catchment environment throughout Asia, such as the Mekong River basin, the Yangtze and Yellow River basin, the Hai River basin, the Liao River basin in China and even the Tuul River basin in Mongolia. The National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES) aims to create applicable knowledge on the Nexus-based Catchment Environmental Management for Future Asia.

Because the Asian region has a vast and various ecosystem, it is difficult to solve the Food-Energy-Water nexus problem at the country level. Thus, a comprehensive approach including the regional and environmental variety is necessary. In this workshop, one of the approaches will be the catchment environmental management. The vast farmland and grassland in the river basin are the bases of food production and cities and settlements located in the basin are the base of food and energy consumption. In addition, rivers and lakes in the basin provide sources of water. For all those reasons, a river basin is an ideal study area for the Nexus.

The programme of the workshop can be found here.