Future Earth’s Global Risks Perceptions Initiative strives to capture and analyze the perceptions on global risks of different scientific communities. By bringing together multiple viewpoints on risks, this initiative aims to spark and inform a pluralistic dialogue around risks that draws on a diversity of experience and knowledge.


Rapid foresight survey

With the COVID-19 health crisis, the world is experiencing unprecedented disruption to our daily lives. While the immediate priority is to protect the most vulnerable, we – as a global society – must not overlook the opportunities that crises can provide to re-imagine and rebuild our future together.

As part of our Sustainability in the Digital Age initiative, Future Earth and partners seek to spark critical reflection on the challenges, but also the opportunities that this global crisis presents, and to contribute to what will soon emerge as a global conversation on where we go from here. We also push to continue exploring the role of the digital sector as a key partner in this work.

The Survey is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to the conversation COVID19: Where do we go from here?  Please check back on this website as we will be sharing the results of our survey soon.

Risks Perceptions Report 2020 Released

Comparing Global Risks



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Science Officer & Manager, Sustainability in the Digital Age

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