oneHEALTH, formerly ecoHEALTH, explores the links between global environmental change and health for the planet and society. Human-mediated environmental changes (e.g. land use change, wildlife trade, deforestation, climate change, human migration) significantly affect the health of wild and domestic life, and can result in both infectious and non-communicable diseases.

The oneHEALTH project seeks to understand the health implications of current and anticipated global environmental change. We strive to identify solutions to promote both human health and ecosystem integrity by exploring:

  • The economics of emerging diseases;
  • The relationship between infectious diseases and biodiversity;
  • The impacts of climate change and demography on health;
  • Ways to leverage health considerations to address underlying drivers of conservation threats.

oneHEALTH was launched by DIVERSITAS, an international research programme on biodiversity science, and became a core project of Future Earth in August 2014.

Key Contacts

Catherine Machalaba

Science Officer

Peter Daszak

EcoHealth Alliance