Monsoon Asia Integrated Research for Sustainability (MAIRS-FE) is a regional consortium for the integrated study of earth system processes in the Asia Monsoon Region.

South, Southeast, and East Asia are regions where the major features of landscape — such as vegetation, soil, and the water system — developed in a monsoon climate. However, the variability of monsoon climates cause a high frequency of climate-related disasters, such as floods, drought, and heat waves which often bring great damage to the region. Meanwhile, Monsoon Asia is developing rapidly with the highest population density in the world.

The vision of MAIRS-FE is to significantly advance our understanding of the interactions between the human-environment relationship in the monsoon Asian region and subsequent implications to the global earth system. MAIRS-FE research aims to support the global strategies for sustainable development.

Key Contacts

Tong Zhu

Chair of Scientific Steering Committee

J. Srinivasan

Executive Director, Regional Project Office