“We urgently need a radical shift in how global society interacts with Earth. Human activities today are disrupting our planet in ways that threaten our air quality, water reliability, food security, and the stability of our climate and ecosystems. Real transformations to overcome these challenges will only happen if we work together – science, technology, business, government, and civil society – as one.”

– Amy Luers, Executive Director, Future Earth

Our mission

Future Earth’s mission is to accelerate transformations to global sustainability through research and innovation.


Our vision

The vision of Future Earth is for people to thrive in a sustainable and equitable world.

Future Earth is a global research programme designed to provide the knowledge needed to support transformations towards sustainability. Our focus on a systems-based approaches seeks to deepen our understanding of complex Earth systems and human dynamics across different disciplines.  We use this understanding to underpin evidence-systems-based policies and strategies for sustainable development.

Future Earth’s Knowledge-Action Networks and Global Research Projects are the mechanism for addressing these complex systems, delivering our research strategy and are the essential links to our key focal challenges.

Our Strategy

Future Earth develops the knowledge and tools that government, communities, and companies need to meet the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. By understanding connections among environmental, social and economic systems, Future Earth works to facilitate research and innovation, build and mobilize networks and shape the narrative, turning knowledge into action.

Facilitate research and innovation

Our 20 Global Research Projects explore interactions among humans and the planet’s land, air, water and biodiversity. We develop and partner on initiatives that experiment with technology, data, media, and new ideas.

Build and mobilize networks

Our networks link policy, business and civil leaders with researchers to address themes like health, urbanization, natural assets and more.  

Shape the narrative

We help incorporate the latest science into global decision-making and engage in conversations on sustainability solutions. See our 10 New Insights in Climate Science and award-winning Anthropocene Magazine for more.