Future Earth harnesses the experience and reach of thousands of scientists and innovators from across the globe. This global community is spread over a series of networks and governing and advisory bodies.

Governing Council

The Future Earth Governing Council is the elected, operational decision-making structure working on behalf of the Assembly. It oversees the strategic and scientific direction of Future Earth and supports timely decision processes to advance Future Earth’s agenda, strategies, activities and structures. The Governing Council is composed of 17 voting members representing the Future Earth Community: the Global Research Networks, the National and Regional Structures, and the Global Secretariat Hubs (Boards of Directors and Funders). In addition, the Governing Council has dedicated seats for representatives from low and middle-income countries as well as early career professionals.

General Assembly

The Future Earth Assembly is an inclusive body representing the full scope of the Future Earth community. The Assembly provides a platform for broad consultation and enables the full community to participate in the development of Future Earth core agenda, strategies, activities and structures.


The day-to-day operations of Future Earth are carried out by the Secretariat, which is based in eight Global Hubs. These Global Hubs are located in Canada (Montreal), China (Beijing), France (Paris), Japan (Tokyo), South Asia (Bengaluru), Sweden (Stockholm), Taipei (Taipei), and the USA (Boulder and Fort Collins, Colorado, and Fairfax, Virginia).

Custodian Organizations

Future Earth has been supported by four Custodian Organizations: the United Nations Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (UNESCO), the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), the International Science Council (ISC), and the Belmont Forum. These organizations are considered key to achieve Future Earth’s mission by lending their name and leveraging their reputation, networks and other resources to support Future Earth’s development, advance its international positioning and effective multi-stakeholder engagement. Custodian Organizations are responsible for establishing and supporting Future Earth’s overall mandate, ensuring the fulfillment of its vision and mission, and safeguarding Future Earth’s core values.

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Interdisciplinary and Intercontinental Teamwork Across the Globe.

Global Secretariat Hubs

Global Secretariat Hubs

Strength in Networks

We experiment in generating new ideas, innovations, and collaborations. In that vein, we are working with tech companies to develop new approaches to reducing carbon emissions. We also foster networks of early career researchers and other innovators, encouraging new ways of thinking about how sustainability research and practice gets done.

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Connecting the Dots

Future Earth supports 27 Global Research Networks that together address the complex interactions between natural, social and technological systems, and how those interactions affect, across time and space, the planet’s life support systems, socio economic development, and human wellbeing.

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