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Future Earth

Jorn Verbeeck

KPMG's Global Decarbonisation Innovation Exchange

"Jorn is responsible for the ESG work in the Public Sector in Belgium. He leads the Decarbonisation Innovation Exchange for KPMG’s Global Decarbonisation Hub, brokering business agendas, innovation, finance, policy and science for the climate and energy transition, with a focus on urban challenges, innovation in key emission sectors, and the Global South agenda. With +20 year sustainability expertise, in both public and private sector, at local and international level, and a journalist by training, Jorn easily embraces complexity by combining the different agendas and perspectives of stakeholders involved and has year-long experience of turning them into ambitious yet feasible action plans. Jorn brings deep expertise in innovation, energy transition, circular economy, public-private partnerships, theory of change and transition management. He has advised cities worldwide, large multinationals, small-scale start-ups, local, national, and international governments, global NGOs, and science and research institutes."

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