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Future Earth

Odille Joblin

Program Coordinator (LEADS)

I am the program coordinator of LEADS. My role here is to make sure the program runs smoothly. I’m always happy to answer questions students may have and to contribute to designing amazing workshops and events for the program. I myself graduated not so long ago, from a Double Master’s of science in Public Policy and Human Development from both Maastricht University and the United Nations University. I’ve always been a thinker and a rethinker. I like to re-imagine the world and to provide solutions to make it more sustainable and equitable. This is why I am really invested in this role of coordinating a university program in sustainability. Aside from that, I advise companies on how they can optimize their positive social and environmental impact. In my free time I enjoy working out and travelling. I also volunteer for McGill track as a coach or video-maker. Before moving to Montreal, I was working for the European Innovation Council, in Brussels, my hometown. The quest for renewal and personal growth led me to undertake this new journey here. So far I’m really loving my experience in Canada and can’t wait for what is coming next!

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