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Future Earth

Wang Yu-Chun

Chung Yuan Christian University & Academia Sinica

Dr. Yu-Chun Wang is the Professor in Department of Environmental Engineering, Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan. She has rich experience in transdisciplinary science and science-policy. She has joined several international projects, including weather based early warning systems for dengue-like illness and diarrhea diseases in Pacific islands and Southeast Asia, and impacts of extreme temperatures on urban health in Asia. As joined principal investigator of Belmont forum CRA CEH project “AWARD-APR”, her team evaluated the diarrhea disease risks associated with atmospheric environment, hydrological condition, ENSO phenomenon in countries of Southeast Asia and Pacific islands, and further conducts scientific evidence based community based adaptations, such as develop environmental and hygiene education on diarrhea diseases for local stakeholders. She also devotes herself in green chemistry education for more than 5 years, and collaborate with industries in Taiwan to reduce the air pollutants related health risk.

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