The US Global Hub of Future Earth is collaborating with the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Health’ Science and Technology for Sustainability Program, to host a series of dialogues with US sustainability research and innovation leaders from different sectors, to assess the status and future of sustainability science in the US. The focus of these cross-sector dialogues will be on societal needs and research ecosystem capacities for response, the frameworks through which we are and should be supporting sustainability science, and our methods for linking research, innovation, and technology communities. In a series of intense dialogues, each with 20 to 30 leaders that cross disciplines and sectors, we will explore the opportunities, bright spots and knowledge gaps we need to fill within the current national sustainability science ecosystem. 

Peter Backlund
Angela Bednarek
Melody Brown Burkins
Ángel Cabrera
Franklin Carrero-Martinez
William Colglazier
Monica Contestabile
Aurali Dade
David Dzombak
Christopher Filardi
Neil Hawkins
Rob Jackson
Kiki Jenkins
Emi Kameyama
Michael Kuperberg
Victoria Lee
Andrew Light
Tom Lovejoy
Ed Maibach
Michael Mascia
Carol O'Donnell
Mark Rosegrant
Lynn Scarlett
Meghna Tare
Josh Tewksbury
Maria Uhle
Judit Ungvari
Cyrus Wadia