Future Earth is a global network of innovative researchers, scientists and projects happening across the globe — all working towards making our planet sustainable. By becoming a member, you can connect to this vast global network.

Future Earth works to create a membership structure that supports the global sustainability science community, provides opportunities for connecting, convening and collaborating across disciplines, sectors and national borders, and advocates for knowledge-based solutions to global sustainability challenges. By joining the Future Earth community now, you will:

  • Directly access a network of leading scientists and innovators in sustainability
  • Have the opportunity to share about your work with a vast international community and access a growing library of sustainability science papers
  • Join a pool of experts consulted for high-level international policy processes
  • Get Anthropocene magazine’s weekly science dispatch in your inbox every Wednesday—a compendium of the latest sustainability science from around the world.
  • Access the Future Earth Science Communication Learning Portal
  • Learn about new professional opportunities and facilitate your hiring processes through an international Sustainability Science job board
  • Contribute to the design of the Future Earth membership and shape a new type of an inclusive membership organization working towards global change.

Learn more at members.futureearth.org.


Veera Mitzner

Associate Director, US Global Hub, Network Lead