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Science Policy Communities Science Policy Communities, also known as Knowledge-Action Networks, build on the broad range and diversity of specialist expertise represented in the large community of researchers and practitioners associated with Future Earth. They are collaborative frameworks that facilitate highly integrative sustainability research. Their aim is to generate the multifaceted knowledge needed to inform solutions for complex societal issues. Contributions to Knowledge-Action Networks are on a voluntary basis through members, projects or groups with the appropriate expertise and an interest in putting their expertise into the broader context of sustainability research addressed by Future Earth.
Research Communities Future Earth is a global community of world-class researchers, projects and institutes brought together around an international research agenda focusing on sustainability science. The organization is rooted in the work of 20 Global Research Projects. These networks have a long history, in some cases stretching back decades, of generating research at the forefront of sustainability science. They played a critical role in defining, advancing and forming the field of Earth system science – which considers how all of the parts of the planet, including human societies, connect to and shape each other.

What’s Ahead

Over the next year, Future Earth will be revamping the way it supports and engages sustainability research and innovation communities around the world, and the redesigned website is central to this.

By signing up here, you will join our communities, get the Future Earth newsletter, and receive the Anthropocene Magazine Science Dispatch. We will also be moving more of the Open Network Services to the new website in the coming months.

It will also soon feature a login that will easily allow individuals to engage with the dozens of structures and communities within the Future Earth network. Members will also benefit from news of job and grant opportunities, a calendar of events and a members directory — all in one spot.

The Open Network will still be available until this transition is finalized.