Future Earth is a global network of innovative researchers, scientists, and projects across the globe all working to make our planet sustainable.

Future Earth works to create a membership structure that supports the global sustainability science community, provides opportunities for connecting, convening and collaborating across disciplines, sectors and national borders, and advocates for knowledge-based solutions to global sustainability challenges. By joining the Future Earth community now, you will:

  • Directly access a network of leading scientists and innovators in sustainability
  • Have the opportunity to share your work with a vast international community
  • Join a directory of experts consulted for high-level international policy processes
  • Learn about new professional opportunities and facilitate your hiring processes through an opportunity board
  • Learn about the latest events in the sustainability community
  • Contribute to the design of the Future Earth membership and shape a new type of inclusive membership organization working towards global change

Learn more at members.futureearth.org.

Future Earth new member portal launched on 31 May 2023! Request to join our newly designed portal and start connecting with our community leading sustainability around the world.   


Kyoko Shiota MacAulay

Network Manager