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UPDATED: Take a survey on health priorities under Future Earth

Read the survey report here.

Global environmental changes (biophysical transformations of land, ocean, and atmosphere driven by interacting human and natural processes, such as climate change, biodiversity loss and land use change) raise profound concerns about maintaining and improving health and well-being in the light of a future that will differ from today in many dimensions. Policy- and decision-makers, researchers and practitioners, and the general public need knowledge and insights to prepare for and manage these changes.  The survey, which is available online, is intended to identify what are the most pressing research questions and policy and capacity needs. 

The answers will help guide how Future Earth approaches important health issues in the next few years. We are inviting a range of participants — including researchers, policy experts, leaders in non-governmental organisations, industry, and concerned citizens — to respond to  this short questionnaire, which should take about five minutes to complete.

Future Earth identified improving human health as one of the major challenges facing the planet as people work together to build more sustainable societies. To address this challenge, a Health Knowledge-Action Network will be launched over the next year, facilitated by a Development group.  The planned network will bring together natural, social, and health  scientists, together with policymakers  and other key constituencies, to support new research to inform research and policy development to promote sustainable development that benefits all.

Take this short survey now.