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Climate Reality Project Training Session Held in Japan

A two-day Climate Reality Leaders Community Training Session was held in Tokyo, Japan on 2-3 October 2019. Founded and chaired by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, the training aims at providing the tools and skills needed to share the inconvenient truth about the cause, results, and potential solutions to climate change. The highlight of the event was Mr. Gore giving an almost three-hour long presentation on the science, implications, and the steps we need to take in Japan and other countries to counter climate change. This was the first event to be held in Japan and the opportunity led to a gathering of over 800 interested at the Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba venue.

Mr. Al Gore (The Climate Reality Project) addresses participants of the first Climate Reality Project Training Session held in Tokyo (Photo credit: Giles B. Sioen).

Participants learned more about what impact climate change is having around the world with a focus on Japan. Moreover, they learned details about the science behind what is causing climate change and how it is impacting weather systems, resulting in increased weather related disasters.

Panel discussions with experts from Japan were held on global cooperation: The Paris agreement, The Sustainable Development Goals, and the Global Carbon Budget; Coal and the climate crisis; Achieving a clean energy future: opportunities and challenges; Businesses making a difference; and The climate crisis and its solutions: questions and answers. The panels had a focus on the Climate Challenges in Japan and mainly offered a voice to experts from Japan, including Future Earth experts that actively contributed to the panels and discussions of the Climate Reality Leaders Community Training.

Mr. Al Gore (The Climate Reality Project), Dr. Seita Emori (National Institute for Environmental Studies), and Dr. Yasuko Kameyama, (National Institute for Environmental Studies) discuss how to address climate issues and what solutions are possible (Photo credit: Junya Tani).

Dr. Naoko Ishii, Future Earth Advisory Committee Member as well as Prof. Norichika Kanie who is Future Earth Japan Steering Committee member and Earth Commissioner were actively involved in this event. In their panel, they talked about why collective action is needed to solve this global problem, how to strengthen national commitments, preventing the worst impacts from climate change, and achieving sustainable development. Furthermore, Deputy Director Dr. Emori Seita, Center for Global Environmental Research from the National Institute for Environmental Studies who is also a Japan Steering Committee member answered questions that the audience had prepared alongside Mr. Gore and Dr. Yasuko Kameyama.

Having joined this Training Session, participants are empowered with materials to share and present the latest scientific evidence within their own respective communities, especially during the 24 Hours of Reality.