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Future Earth Health Knowledge-Action Network Call for Host

The Future Earth Health Knowledge-Action Network is calling for a host to support the Networks’ operations and activities. This is an opportunity for institutions to dig deeper in the collaborative work conducted by the Health Knowledge-Action Network, which is supported by a Steering Committee and Advisory Group with global representation and 228 members. Academic institutions, cooperations, or (inter)national organizations are invited to submit an application if they wish to be considered for this opportunity.

The call for applications will be open from Mar 1st – May 31st 2020.

About the Health Knowledge-Action Network

The Health Knowledge-Action Network Development Team started its work during a scoping workshop in Bellagio, Italy, July 2016 and held its official launch event in Taipei City 20-23 May 2019. The transition from the development phase to full operational phase was accompanied with discussions on strategy development, research agenda, stakeholder roles, and funding. The Health Knowledge-Action Network also discussed its contributions to the Future Earth Global Systemic Challenges and other focused activities in collaboration with the wider Future Earth community. An open call for nominations to the Steering Committee (SC) was held between 12 July 2019 and 9 September 2019. After a voting process and approval by the Future Earth Executive Team, a Steering Committee consisting of 16 members was formed and has been engaged as of January 2020.

The vision of the Health Knowledge-Action Network is to support and enable solution-driven transdisciplinary research and action to improve understanding of how global and regional environmental changes can affect population health and health systems, and of effective and efficient solutions to maintain and improve planetary health and human well-being. It is the Health Knowledge-Action Networks’ mission to engage with health and other research communities, policy-makers, educators, civil society, media, industry, and donors, to advance planetary health/One Health/eco-health research and build capacity for generating, sharing and applying knowledge. It’s activities support evidence-based change in society, and contribute to the three-part Future Earth Global Strategy (facilitate Research and Innovation, Build and Mobilize Networks, and Shape the Global Narrative).

Factors Taken into Consideration

  • Motivation to serve as host
  • Staff commitment proposed (e.g. of 0.6 FTE to support the operations and/or content development)
  • Duration of proposal (e.g. 5 years)
  • Strategic geographical and organizational location
  • Excellent capability and willingness for virtual engagement across time zones
  • Ability to make decisions in the best interest of the Future Earth Health Knowledge-Action Network

Example Tasks

  • Core secretariat support for the operation of the Knowledge-Action Network
  • Developing and improving operations
  • Organizing, facilitating, and reporting on monthly e-meetings chaired by the co-chairs
  • Identifying opportunities for the Knowledge-Action Network and presenting them to the SC
  • Supporting research and action
  • Representing the Knowledge-Action Network at events (conferences, workshops, or others)
  • Supporting the SC and Advisory Group (AG) in their strategy development
  • Managing election processes (e.g. for SC or AG members) and other operations in line with the governance document
  • Reporting election results to the Future Earth secretariat designated point of contact
  • Reporting on planned and ongoing activities
  • Develop content for the Future Earth annual report and other products
  • Supporting the Knowledge-Action Network activities to Future Earth wide convenings
  • Supporting the Knowledge-Action Network community both offline and online (maintaining a smooth channel of communications and ensuring timely responses)
  • Liaison with the Future Earth secretariat designated point of contact
  • Engaging in strategic networking
  • Responding and keeping track of both internal and external requests
  • Providing communication support (SNS, mailing list, blog posts, website,…)
  • Drafting concept notes, funding applications, and others
  • Ensuring operations in line with the governance of the Knowledge-Action Network
  • Organizing and participating in fundraising activities
  • Others as needed/as identified together with the Knowledge-Action Network

Optional: staff support may also include the SC Secretary and Treasurer, Communication Officer (responsible for networking, distributing output documents, coordinating and synthesizing advice from members and advisors etc), and the Science Officer (responsible for content development, the establishment of actions and projects, and the drafting of policy briefs, funding applications, and other documents).


Hosts shall be listed with their point of contact on the Health Knowledge-Action Network page of the Future Earth website. They are recognized in communications and in the Future Earth Annual Report. It is also a great opportunity for your organization to gain visibility and contribute to sustainability and innovation products, communications and activities. Hosting the Health Knowledge-Action Network will also put you at the forefront of cutting edge (transdisciplinary) research and action and provide a direct connection with the Future Earth secretariat.

How to nominate

Describe the interest and motivation for your organization to host the Health Knowledge-Action Network as Institutional Program Office (IPO) (+- 500 words), what resources you can commit (bullet points), point of contact, address, and official name of the organization/institute.
Please submit the application in a single PDF file to the email address below. You will receive confirmation that the application was received within five working days after your submission.

The application will be reviewed by the Health Knowledge-Action Network Steering Committee and Future Earth Executive Team after the call for hosts has been closed.

Inquiries and submission: