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Call for Applications: Hosting the Future Earth Ocean Knowledge-Action Network

The Ocean Knowledge Action Network (KAN) is soliciting offers to host its International Project Office (IPO) from February 2021 onward. Currently co-chaired by Anna Zivian and Mitsuo Uematsu, the Ocean KAN has already established its development team and implementation plan and needs now an IPO to develop further.

The Ocean KAN Implementation Strategy

Since 2018 the Ocean KAN has operated with a sponsor group (Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research, Future EarthWorld Climate Research Programme and the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO) and a development team with the vision of achieving a healthy, functional, understood, and resilient ocean supported by an inclusive global knowledge network providing information for the benefit of the present and future human communities living by, working on, and relying on the ocean. The mission of the Ocean KAN is to bring multidisciplinary research and other knowledge, evidence, information, and strategy into action for ocean health and prosperity through networked approaches in support of achieving global goals for both human well-being and environmental sustainability.

Once hosted, the Ocean KAN will:

  • facilitate enhanced connection and collaboration among international ocean and coastal entities to facilitate knowledge exchange;
  • support strategic and inclusive stakeholder and public engagement;
  • support the development of novel communication and networking tools to inform evidence-based decision making in support of sustainable development;
  • support partners in adopting and implementing management and policy actions that lead to improved ecosystem health and human health, safety, and welfare.

Benefits for the host institution

  • The host institution will benefit from hosting the Ocean KAN in several ways:
  • Hosting the Ocean KAN will enhance the host’s international profile, through
    • connections with the Ocean KAN international, multi-sectoral community;
    • association with a range of international conferences and processes (in particular the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development);
    • connections to the Ocean KAN working groups and project action teams; and
    • access to an active network of early career ocean professionals.
  • Hosting the KAN offers the opportunity to engage in joint projects.
  • Hosting the KAN provides connections to other sponsor organizations for research, policy, and outreach.

Full call and expression of interest

The full call for application is available here.

The Ocean KAN welcomes expressions of interest to host the IPO from February 2021 for a period of initially three (or five) years. Co-financing or partnerships between institutions are permissible.

Please send a letter of intent to express your interest by 4 October 2020.


Questions and expressions of interest are welcomed at