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Climate Variability and human impacts in Central and Eastern Europe during the last two millennia

Date: December 31, 2014

This conference will gather paleoclimatologists and paleoecologists from different fields of research to review forced and unforced climate variability and human-environment interactions during the past two millennia and late Holocene.

Geographically, the focus is on Central and Eastern Europe, the Baltic and southern Scandinavia.

Organisers invite comprehensive reviews of existing data sets and presentations of new information from observations, natural archives and model experiments. Contributions dealing with high-resolution, well-calibrated and quantitative archives are preferred.

A key focus will be the question of how human activities have modified ecosystems in the past and how human impact can be discriminated from the impact of climate variability in past ecosystem evolution.

Abstracts for oral and poster presentations are invited for the following sessions (deadline 31st January 2015)
1.       Historical climatology & documentary data
2.       Climate reconstructions from natural archives
3.       Past climate modeling, data-model comparisons
4.       Proxy calibration
5.       Past human impacts on the environment

A few travel stipends are available for young scientists from Central and Eastern Europe.  

This conference is actively supported by PAGES and will be a contribution to PAGES’ Varves Working Group, EuroMed2k Working Group and LandCover6k Working Group.

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