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CLIVAR Open Science Conference

Date: June 06, 2016

CLIVAR, a project of the World Climate Research Programme, will hold its 2016 Open Science Conference in Qingdao, China. The event, titled "Charting the course for climate and ocean research," will bring scientists together to discuss the state of research on the intersections between the oceans and climate. In its announcement, CLIVAR writes:

The collective voice and expertise of the international climate community is essential in shaping the international research agenda on the coupled ocean-atmosphere system. The World Climate Research Programme’s (WCRP) Core Project on Climate and Ocean – CLIVAR – invites the international climate community to review the state of the science, to prioritize international research plans and to initiate new collaborations.

The conference will run from 18-25 September, and the deadline for early-bird registration is 15 June.

You can learn more about this event or register here.

In a separate announcement, CLIVAR has also called for nominations to its Scientific Steering Group and panels. The appointments will begin in 2017 and last for three years. The deadline for nominations is 20 July.

You can submit a nomination online here.