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CONTINUUM Thought Leadership Conference

Date: February 06, 2016

The CONTINUUM 2016 conference aims to explore the scientific, economic and social impacts of climate change. The context for the event is the preceding COP21 Sustainable Innovation Forum held in December, which presented the continued work of Climate Action and the UN Environment Program. The CONTINUUM conference is open to the public , and is a bold new best practice from the Montreal chapter, one of several International Women's Forum (IWF) pacesetters launching global leadership events at the local level.

IWF International Hall of Fame Honoree, Astronaut and Chief Operating Officer of the Montréal Science Centre, Julie Payette, will review and close the event.

The conference consists of a scientific, an economic and a social panel. Anne-Hélène Prieur-Richard, director of the Future Earth Global Hub in Montreal, is an invited speaker for the scientific panel.

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