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IMBER ClimEco4 Summer School – Delineating the issues of climate change and impacts to marine ecosystems: Bridging the gap between research, assessment, policy and management

Date: March 31, 2014

IMBER focuses on the interactions and linkages between biogeochemical cycles and food webs, including humans, with the aim of improving the predictive capacity for marine ecosystems increasingly affected by global change. As the marine environment is very complex, particularly in the context of global change, indicators are often used to provide a practical and economical way to track the state of ecosystems. This fourth IMBER summer school, ClimEco4, will continue IMBER’s focus on fostering research at the interface of natural and human systems. It will be structured around lectures and activities that focus on indices of climate change, climate impacts, and ecosystem services, and how these are linked to indices for socio-economic and policy information in relation to climate-ecosystem interactions. There will be daily 'hands-on' sessions, to allow participants to work with databases, indices and models to 'try out' the concepts covered in lectures.

The organisers welcome applicants from the natural and social sciences working on topics related to the ocean and climate change, who are interested in the challenge of crossing the barriers between disciplines.

To apply, please download and complete the application form at the link below. Applications should be submitted by 15 April 2014.