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SciDataCon 2014

Date: May 27, 2014

SciDataCon is motivated by the conviction that the most significant research challenges – and in particular the pressing issues relating to global sustainability – cannot be properly addressed without due attention to various issues relating to data.  SciDataCon aims to make explicit the connection between concrete and specific challenges to ensure environmental protection, economic prosperity and social well being along with the research questions that arise from these challenges and the necessary role of data policy, management and analysis in addressing these research questions. The effectiveness and credibility of research findings rely on the widest possible availability of quality-assessed and interoperable datasets.

To achieve these aims, the SciDataCon programme will be structured around four 'tracks': (A) Dynamic Planet, (B) Global Development, (C) Transformations Towards Sustainability, and (D) Data Science and Services.  

This structure is intended to bridge cross-cutting data themes and the research themes of Future Earth.

By focusing on the intersection of data issues and scientific research challenges – and by advancing data science and developing international data services – SciDataCon will also amplify the message of like-minded global data initiatives promoting data sharing and interoperability, such as the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) and the recently established Research Data Alliance (RDA).

See for further details of the tracks and topics in scope, and to submit a proposal for a session or paper.  The deadline for proposals has been extended to 16 June 2014.

SciDataCon 2014 will take place on 2-5 November in New Delhi; it is being organised by the Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA) and the World Data System (WDS)  in collaboration with the Indian National Science Academy.