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SOLAS Open Science Conference 2015

Date: February 10, 2015

The Surface Ocean – Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS) is an international and interdisciplinary research initiative. Its Open Science Conference offers the ideal programme for scientists who wish: (1) to learn about current research in the field of air-sea interactions and processes, (2) to develop future research collaboration and (3) to share their knowledge and to present their own findings by displaying a poster or giving an oral presentation.

The conference program will consist of eight plenary sessions, several parallel discussions sessions and three poster sessions. A young scientist workshop has also been added to the conference which will give young scientists a chance to work on their presentation skills.

Most plenary speakers will be chosen from participants who submitted an abstract. Session themes of the eight plenary sessions are as following:

(1)The air-sea interface and fluxes of mass and energy

(2)Ocean biogeochemical control on atmospheric chemistry

(3)SOLAS science and society

(4)Integrated topics

(5)Greenhouse gases and the oceans

(6)Interconnections between aerosols, clouds and ecosystems

(7)"Outside the box ideas"

(8)Atmospheric deposition and ocean biogeochemistry.              

Deadline for abstract submission, discussion session proposal submission and financial support application is 27 May 2015. The deadline for early registration for the conference is the 24 June 2015. To keep up to date with the conference and other SOLAS news, subscribe to the SOLAS mailing list.