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SOLAS Science and Society Workshop

Date: June 03, 2016

The Surface Ocean – Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS) project, a global research project of Future Earth, has announced that it will be holding a free workshop in Brussels. Participants in the workshop, which will run from 26 to 27 October, will discuss how SOLAS researchers can better "couple science to society." The event will include three topic sessions, each of which will be led by a natural and social scientist. The three topics are:

  • Valuing carbon and the ocean's role
  • (In)Forming policy across the air-sea interface
  • The shipping industry and air-sea conditions

In its announcement, SOLAS writes that the goal of the workshop will be for participants "to work toward a project proposal or equivalent." The event is free for all.

Interested participants must apply by 15 July. For more information about the workshop or to apply, see the announcement from SOLAS.