The Integrated History and Future of People on Earth (IHOPE) is a global community of researchers who share a strong interest in both the past and the future of our species and planet Earth. IHOPE’s long-term, human-scale perspective, integrative frameworks, and envisioning tools unite Earth system science with the social sciences and the humanities.

We work with communities of practice, including indigenous and local communities, citizen scientists, modelers and scenario builders, resource managers, decision makers, complexity thinkers and practitioners in fields such as architecture, engineering, and law. The long term, human scale, place-based IHOPE approach folds human activity into the global system. Without this integrated perspective, the understanding of sustainability, resilience, and vulnerability is impoverished.

Our website offers news of interest to the IHOPE community (resources, contacts) and, along with other activities (e.g., workshops, conferences), presents idea-filled examples of partnerships that demonstrate how the past can build future durability into communities and regions.

Key Contacts


Dr. Carole Crumley

Executive Director, International Project Office

Dr. Sarah Cornell

Chair, Scientific Steering Committee