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Washington DC meeting unites diverse expertise in Future Earth community

A meeting of global environmental change projects joining Future Earth took place in January 2014 in Washington DC, USA. The aim of the meeting was to bring together the diverse range of projects and expertise in the Future Earth community in order to develop mid-term priorities for research under Future Earth, and to initiate new collaborations for transdisciplinary, solutions-oriented research.

The meeting was attended by 74 representatives from the global environmental change research projects and programmes community, along with representatives from the Future Earth Science Committee, the interim Engagement Committee and the interim Secretariat. Participants took part in three days of workshops and roundtable discussions designed to identify medium-term research priorities for Future Earth, and to initiate the development of proposals for a suite of “Fast Track Initiatives” (FTI) to be funded by Future Earth.

The third day of the meeting focussed on topics relating to International Project Offices for research projects, including approaches to regional nodes, developing cross-project communication, and project coordination.

Photos from the meeting can be found on the Future Earth Flickr page.