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Young scientists meet to debate the future of the green economy

The conference will take a broad multidisciplinary approach to the topic including aspects of ecosystems services, climate science, ecology, communication science, finance, economics, systems theory, anthropology and political science.

Convener of the conference, Myanna Lahsen, Center for Earth System Science at the Brazilian Institute for Space Research (INPE), says: “It is a great pleasure to be able to convene such a talented group of young scientists in this innovative conference format at this important time for the topic. We need scientists from all backgrounds to work together to inform society about possibilities in the transition to green economies and by connecting excellent young scientists across disciplines early on in their careers, this conference plays an important role in that regard.”

An important innovative aspect of Future Earth is the involvement of various stakeholders in the design, carrying out and communication of research. This year’s conference is an example of how different branches of the sciences come together to produce knowledge, and how that can and should involve young scientists.

The conference is a platform to join the discussion and debate on future research agendas; and invites anyone with an interest to follow the conference as it evolves online via the twitter hashtag #futureeconomy and twitter list.

As the conference goes on there is a live online document that will serve to capture the discussions and important themes that emerge. and we invite anyone with an interest to add to the document and post questions for those at the conference.

The conference is a collaborative effort, and you can follow online daily blogs by INNGE.