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Future Earth Forum Montreal

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The Chief Scientist of Quebec, Rémi Quirion, the team of the Montreal Global hub of the Future Earth Secretariat and Paul Shrivastava, Executive Director of Future Earth will host the Forum in collaboration with the Société des Arts Technologiques (SAT), Montreal, Canada, on April 20th 2015.

Quebec is already home to many world-leading research institutions and businesses with a global reputation, and since January 2015 has hosted one of five globally-distributed hubs of the Future Earth Secretariat in Montreal.

The first Future Earth Forum in Montreal is intended to present Future Earth to local partners and facilitate the integration of Future Earth in the Quebec community. A large number of researchers from across the natural and social sciences and representatives of Future Earth and partner organisations will attend.

The Forum will:

  • Provide information about Future Earth, with a panel discussion and presentations by Mark Stafford-Smith (Chair of the Future Earth Science committee), Scott Vaughan (member of the Future Earth Engagement Committee), Paul Shrivastava (Executive Director) and by members of the global secretariat implementation team.
  • Highlight the opportunities Future Earth will bring to Quebec.
  • Stimulate ideas about potential transdisciplinary projects or research questions framed by the eight major global sustainability challenges driving the Future Earth vision.
  • Take attendees on a visual journey of the Future Earth initiative and explore the power of art and visualization to transmit scientific research in collaboration with David McConville (SAT), Félix Pharand-Deschênes (Globaïa) and Owen Gaffney (Head of Future Earth communications).

Please contact Montreal members of the Future Earth Implementation team Roxane Maranger or Andrew Gonzalez if you have any questions.