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Frans Berkhout: can we halt the climbing cost of natural disasters?

"We can halt the climbing cost of natural disasters, if we are ready to unite science and society to find a path towards a more sustainable use of the natural resources we rely on" says Frans Berkhout, interim Director of Future Earth, writing in The Huffington Post earlier this week.

In the article, Berkhout responds to recent reports setting out the increasing cost of global disasters, stating that we need a new approach to thinking about climate risk and responsibility, and the way this risk is distributed, managed and governed. In a world where the problems of environmental change are global and connected, scientific research must align itself to the scale of the problem it is looking to solve. By uniting the world's leading scientists through one global research platform – Future Earth – the global science community for the first time can piece together a "big picture" of the challenges we face, and identify the opportunities to solve them.

To read the full article visit Frans Berkhout's blog on The Huffington Post.