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Video: young scientists on the Sustainable Development Goals

The implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, which set out a transformative vision for development over the next 15 years, pose a critical challenge for knowledge, evidence and research.  There is now a broad appreciation that producing socially robust knowledge requires new forms of engagement between science and society. But what new knowledge is needed? And what is the role of research and researchers in these processes? 

In May 24th – 30th 2015, young scientists gathered at the invitation of ICSUISSC and the DFG at Villa Vigoni, Italy, to discuss new ways of bridging the gap between science and policy.

A main goal of the conference was to bring together leading scientists and early career researchers with a diversity of perspectives to identify priority questions for future research on the topic of 'Future Sustainability – the role of Science in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)', The conference also provided an opportunity to interact and network with peers and senior researchers, forging new collaborations and fostering innovative integrated research.