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Our Founding, Funders, Projects & Initiatives:

In August 2021, the former Global Hub Japan and the Asia Regional Center were merged to form the new Global Secretariat Hub Japan, which is now distributed at various institutions across the country.

The following 12 organizations are cooperating as co-applicants in the establishment of the new Japan Hub:

The Global Secretariat Hub Japan supports Future Earth research activities by serving as liaison for several Global Research Networks.

The hub staff members also contribute to the coordination of Insights for the “ 10 New Insights in Climate Science”. Reports and videos are translated into Japanese.

The Japan Hub is engaged in co-design projects with the private sector, including the “AEON Future Earth Dialogue Initiative for SDGs Target Setting”, the “AEON Future Earth Forum” which took on a topic of one of the GRNs for the past 5 years, and the “Future of Washing Initiative“ with KAO Corporation.

Another key area for the Japan Hub is capacity building, especially in the Asia Pacific region. One example is its annual Transdisciplinarity for Early careeR Researchers in Asia School (TERRA School), which attracts Early Career Researchers to engage in Transdisciplinary research training.

In addition, the Japan Hub has been instrumental in coordinating the establishment of the Asian Regional Committee and coordinating other regional activities in cooperation with other hubs and National Committees in Asia.


Japan Hub Staff

Fumiko Kasuga
Ria Lambino
Giles Bruno Sioen
Marcin Jarzebski
Sikopo Nyambe
Akira Sai
Sunhee Suk
Rieko Yamamoto
Masami Oka
Yuri Kojina
Takako Okamoto
Hein Mallee
Junya Tani