Future Earth’s mission is to advance research in support of transformations to global sustainability. Future Earth brings together existing international programmes and projects working on global environmental change and sustainable development. Russia has a long tradition of interdisciplinary research on global change and certainly supports the goals and objectives of Future Earth.

Future Earth Russia (FER) was established under the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences on May 29, 2018. The secretariat of the National Committee is located in the Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), where the Russian IGBP Committee worked for many years. The Committee includes representatives from a wide range of scientific disciplines and institutes of RAS relevant to the study of sustainable development.

The main objectives of the National Committee are

  • Analysis of the current state and prospects of scientific research within the framework of Future Earth
  • Determination of the strategy and development of plans for RAS participation in the Future Earth and control of their implementation, as well as interaction with interested ministries and departments on the participation of their organizations and specialists in the activities of Future Earth
  • Organization of interaction with national committees of other countries and cooperation with scientific organizations and individual scientists in the activities of Future Earth
  • Identifying promising areas in the framework of national scientific programs that contribute to strengthening the position and expanding the participation of Russia in Future Earth
  • Coordination of research conducted by the RAS and other institutions and departments within the framework of Future Earth.
  • Representation of Russian academic organizations in Future Earth, its subprograms and projects, participation of Russian scholars in the bodies of the program.
  • Facilitation of the participation of experts from RAS in international events held by Future Earth.
  • Preparation and organization of international events within the framework of Future Earth in Russia.


Olga Solomina

Chair, Russian National Committee

Vladimir Kolosov

Vice Chair, Russian National Committee

Tatyana Khromova

Secretary, Russian National Committee