The Future Earth North Africa Regional Office, FENARO, believes that regional networking advances teamwork, fosters understanding and respect among scientists and researchers of the region and can lead to a better problem solving approach of the region most complicated challenges. This is essential for developing national and regional competent actors, and builds leadership for the regional community.

We believe that integrating research efforts lies at the core of an interconnected region characterized by peace, security, and well-being for all. FENARO believes that diversity in our research fields, expertise, our background, and our national workplaces and platforms is our strength.


Salah Soliman

Future Earth North Africa Regional Office

What We Do

FENARO hopes to act as a platform for North African scientists, experts and researchers committed to advancing regional studies and research for better understanding of the region and its problems and opportunities.

Based in both the L’ Institut D’ Egypt, the oldest science academy in the old world which was created in 1798 at the heart of Cairo, and in Alexandria University, facing the Mediterranean Sea, we provide a physical and virtual free dialogue space and platform for the North African scientists, researchers, experts and policy makers.

FENARO encourages networking among professionals, convenes conferences and collaborative dialogues, and promotes research and knowledge creation to strengthen and serve the region in order to accelerate transformations to regional and global sustainability through research and innovation.

Our Aspirations

FENARO aspires to an environment in which every scientist, expert and researcher seeking the benefits of our region, continent, and the world finds a path to integrate to enlightened interregional relations.

Our Operating Values

We commit ourselves in providing high quality platform for knowledge and innovation exchange. Through our work in regional communication and networking, we shall foster diversity and inclusion. We celebrate innovation and value highly talented volunteers and young scientists. We commit to working in a professional and collegial manner and to respecting values of others.

Strategic Plan

FENARO’s work is guided by a strategic plan, developed and refreshed periodically by Future Earth. The plan announces the Future Earth’s vision, mission, and values. It guides the association in developing local, regional, and global platform to serve achieving the radical shift in how global society interact with earth. Learn more about Future Earth here.